AUTHOR Rear Light Cubus/Brake USB CobLed 70 lm Alloy
attachment under the saddle
run time
AUTHOR Rear Light Cubus/Brake USB CobLed 70 lm Alloyattachment under the saddlerun time
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Cubus Brake USB CobLed 70 lm

Colour variants
20 COB LED & XPE REDAlloy caseBrake SensorSafe Mode
The AUTHOR CUBUS 70 lm with the brake sensor and new optical lens technology is clearly seen from wide angle in whole a day and night. With Safe Ride Home automatic function get 20 minutes for safe ride back. Hi-end COB LED technology together with other features provide a new level of safety.
  • 20 COB LED technology  - 50 lm & one LED XP-E red.
  • New optical lens technology for excellent side’s visibility.
  • AUTOMATIC BRAKE SENSOR - Once you are slowing down all LED’s will shine 3 seconds in 100% light power, after this period LED’s return back to the original mode.
  • Tool free bracket with silicon strap for diameter 15 – 35 mm even the unround profiles. Separate bracket for saddle rails fixation. Integrated clothing clip in Alloy case.
  • IPX65 Dust tight - no ingress of dust. Gives protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray.
  • Smart memory switcher – 1 second push to switch OFF in any light mode (switch ON in the same  mode). DOUBLE CLICK – switch between flashing modes and steady modes.
  • Safe Ride Home mode - when the battery is low, the light will turn to 50 lumens safe mode automatically for another 20 minutes.
  • Battery capacity indicator and charging indicator built in switcher. Battery capacity: Green light - capacity 20–100 %, Red light - capacity is 1–20 %. Charging : steady red light = charging, steady green light = full charged.
  • USB 2.0 A / Micro C charger cable included.
  • Battery pack LI-poly 3,7 V / 400 mAh. Charging time max 2:00 h. Recommended discharging / charging period – minimum 1× / 6 months. Min. 500 charging cycles.
  • Size 38 × 29 × 30 mm, weight 21 g.

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black / red-glass = UA#12039993