E-mtb 27.5

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AUTHOR Elite 27,5 2021-22
elite aut5799 viewde
elite aut5825 viewde
elite aut5823 viewde
elite aut5822 viewde
elite aut5821 viewde
elite aut5817 viewde
elite aut5812 viewde
elite aut5811 viewde
elite aut5809 viewde
elite aut5808 viewde
elite aut5807 viewde
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elite aut5781 viewde
AUTHOR Elite 27,5 2021-22Light suspension hydroformed frame • FOX fork and shocker • SHIMANO E-P800 top class motor and baterrymore »
AUTHOR Elevation ASL 2025
AUTHOR Elevation ASL 2025New motor SHIMANO STEPS EP6 – 85 Nm • High capacity battery SHIMANO EN806 – 630 Wh • New SHIMANO e-group CUES for e-bikes • New synoptic display EN610 • Air fork RST FIRST 110-15, travel 120mm • E-LINKGLIDE cassette 11-50/11 speed • Ergonomic saddle E-Donnamore »
AUTHOR Elevation 27,5 ASL 2021-22
AUTHOR Elevation 27,5 ASL 2021-22
elevationasl aut5745 viewde
elevationasl aut5758 viewde
elevationasl aut5756 viewde
elevationasl aut5753 viewde
elevationasl aut5752 viewde
elevationasl aut5750 viewde
elevationasl aut5748 viewde
elevationasl aut5747 viewde
elevationasl aut5746 viewde
elevationasl aut5728 viewde
elevationasl aut5743 viewde
elevationasl aut5742 viewde
elevationasl aut5741 viewde
elevationasl aut5740 viewde
elevationasl aut5739 viewde
elevationasl aut5738 viewde
elevationasl aut5737 viewde
elevationasl aut5731 viewde
AUTHOR Elevation 27,5 ASL 2021-22Alloy frame - integrated battery • SHIMANO STEPS motor • High capacity SHIMANO battery E-8035more »
AUTHOR Eleve 27,5 ASL 2021-22
AUTHOR Eleve 27,5 ASL 2021-22
eleveasl aut5635
eleve asl 5653
eleveasl aut5637
eleveasl aut5659
eleveasl aut5652
eleveasl aut5651
eleveasl aut5648
eleveasl aut5646
eleveasl aut5644
eleveasl aut5639
eleveasl aut5638
eleveasl aut5636
eleveasl aut5622
eleveasl aut5634
eleveasl aut5633
eleveasl aut5632
eleveasl aut5631
eleveasl aut5630
eleveasl aut5629
eleveasl aut5628
eleveasl aut5627
eleveasl aut5626
eleveasl aut5625
eleveasl aut5624
AUTHOR Eleve 27,5 ASL 2021-22SHIAMO Steps motor and E-8035 SHIMANO batery • Light alloy hydroformed frame • RST Aerial air forkmore »