AUTHOR Pedal APD-315-Alu X0 EPB
polymer bearing
AUTHOR Pedal APD-315-Alu X0 EPBpolymer bearingtopside
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APD-315-Alu X0 EPB

Colour variants
ALLOY 6061T6288 gCrMo axle
These great quality light AUTHOR APD-315 pedals made of ALLOY. 
  • One-piece ALLOY 6061-T6 body,
  • Hardened steel axle with 15 mm wrench slot and 6 mm inner  hex wrench hole.
  • EPB SYSTEM (specially-engineered polymer bearing)  reduced weight.
  • Platform shape 100 x 68 x 23 mm.
  • Weight only 293 g.

Product options

black = UA#34152003