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Nero 300 lm USB

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The Author Nero 300 lm is a USB rechargeable headlight with a 300 lumen output. This light features 4 modes take you from the bike lane to the trail. The Author Nero 300 lm is equipped with the newest lens techniques. The lens is optimized to maximize the light output, light beam and the lumen efficiency.  The beams are projected in a wide range, not in a straight line only. It also features side lens cutouts, which provide you with a 180-degree light beam and increases your visibility to other road users. Highly practical feature is the battery capacity indicator which is integrated  in top of the lens, this will help you stay aware of your battery life so that you can change modes and charge accordingly so that you don’t lose light while on the go.
  • Cree LED 300 High Lumen.
  • The light comes with 4 different light modes for different light conditions or for different battery life. These include: Over drive (300 lumens – 2 hrs battery life) / Commuter (150 lumens – 3 hrs battery life) / Stamina (50 lumens – 6 hrs battery life) / Signal flash (200 lumens - 5,5 hrs battery life).
  • Battery capacity indicator (red < 40%).
  • Battery pack LI-ion / 3,7 V / 800 mAh.
  • Charging time 3 hrs (5V/1,5A charger).
  • Recommended discharging / charging period – minimum 1x / 6 months.
  • Charging cable included (USB A / Micro-B).
  • The silicone mount fits any sized tube with a diameter of 22-35 mm even the unround profiles.
  • Size 90x40x30 mm  / Weight 86 g.

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