AUTHOR Grips AGR Ergo R355 MicroTech GripLock
with bar end ABE-500
AUTHOR Grips AGR Ergo R355 MicroTech GripLockwith bar end ABE-500gripgrip
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Ergo R355 MicroTech GripLock

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The AUTHOR R355 Microtech ergonomic grip is the new level for hand comfort and support. This is the highest level of comfortable cycling. The R355 wing shape with Microtech structure is greatly adapted to the hand, perfectly distributes pressure over a larger area and preventing discomfort during the ride. There is also gentle support of the wrist – support it in optimized position, reduces wrist load effectively and prevents tingling of fingers.
  • Ergonomic wing shape for perfect grip and support.
  • Reinforced plastic body with Alloy locking ring.
  • D2 double density rubber material with Mictotech structure.
  • Total width 130 mm (palm width 110 mm)
  • Weight 140 g.

Product options

blackl.130mm = UA#33452048