AUTHOR Cycle Clinic Service Starter Kit 3x 150 ml
AUTHOR Cycle Clinic Service Starter Kit 3x 150 ml
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CC Service Starter Kit 3x 150 ml

CYCLE CLINIC has created this handy SERVICE STRATER KIT. The kit includes everything what your bike needs before and after a ride.
  • CHAIN CLEANER - A super duty cleaner formulated using for bicycle chains and drivetrain. Cleaner flows easily to all places - quickly removes grease, oil and dirt. Always use Chain lube after cleaning.
  • CHAIN LUBE - An extreme chain lube for whole year climates and on or off-road riding. For dry, dirty, dusty conditions. After application is getting to dry friction fighting film, attracts less grime, offers better rust protection, runs cleaner, and withstands higher extreme pressures, increasing the time between lube applications. Lube can also be used on derailleurs, and the pivots of brakes and shifters.
  • SUSPENSION SILICONE LUBE – Made with carefully chosen polysiloxane and advanced fluoropolymers to get smooth sliding of suspension forks, rear suspension shocks and telescopic seatposts. Suspension Silicone Lube creates microfilm which reduce stiction and ensure smooth and quit run, keep condition and protect seals, o-rings, and other rubber parts. Use it for periodic maintenance and always after riding in wet or muddy conditions. Suspension Silicone Lube will keep suspension units of your bike in race-ready condition.

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