AUTHOR Chain Cleaner Cycle Clinic 150 ml
AUTHOR Chain Cleaner Cycle Clinic 150 ml
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CC Chain Cleaner aerosol 150 ml

CYCLE CLINIC Chain Cleaner has been formulated to quickly remove heavy chain grime using advanced solvents. Cleaner flows easily to all places - quickly breaks down grease, oil and dirt.Rapidly removes dirt, oil and grime
  • Safe on all chain types
  • Cuts through grease to reduce friction
  • Ideal for Road, MTB and Cyclocross
DIRECTION FOR USE: Step 1 - Shake can to activate formula. / Step 2 - Apply Chain Cleaner to drive chain area. Agitate grime with a brush (CC kombi 700) / Step 3 - Wipe away any excess with a clean cloth. You can also use CC LemonTechFoam and rinse entire drive chain area with fresh, clean water.

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