How to choose AUTHOR glasses not only for cycling

It doesn't matter whether you ride a bike recreationally or race, you should never be without glasses. It protects the eyes from harmful radiation, dust, small objects flying off the bike and also from intrusive insects.

So how do you go about choosing glasses?



First of all, you should choose the appropriate shape of the lenses and frame, the glasses must fit perfectly on the face and must not press anywhere. We recommend trying the glasses together with the helmet, the helmet must not rest on the rim.

The adjustable beam seat with anti-slip treatment and the side ends covered with anti-slip softened rubber guarantee a perfect fit of the glasses on the face.

Brýle nos                                   

PC thermoplastic or very flexible and light Trilamid TR90 is used on the frames of AUTHOR glasses. Both of these materials guarantee high wearing comfort.

The lenses of the AUTHOR glasses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate.

AUTHOR sunglasses 100% protect the eyes from UV radiation, comply with European directives (EU) 2016/425 and comply with the EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015 standard.

AUTHOR glasses come with a microfiber cover that can be used to clean the glasses.



As we wrote in the introduction, glasses should be an integral part of every bike ride, just like a helmet. Since we ride bikes in different light conditions, and not only in bright sunlight, how to solve riding in the evening and riding in the midday sun.

Interchangeable lenses – frames with interchangeable lenses allow us to choose suitable lenses for different lighting conditions. The set includes dark glass with revo coating - solar filter category 3, clear - solar filter 0 and yellow - solar filter 0.

Brýle Vision LX  AUTHOR Vision LX

Category 2 lenses with a polarizing filter only let in positive vertical waves, vision through them is comfortable, contrasty and without unpleasant glare. In combination with a category 2 sun filter (permeability is approx. 30%) and the gray color of the polarized lenses, they ensure safe protection against sunlight for the eyes, a high level of visual acuity, noticeable relief from eye fatigue and excellent color perception. You will appreciate the comfort and benefits that polarized sunglasses bring us in everyday life, during sports and relaxation.

Brýle Vision Polarized

AUTHOR Vision Polarized 30.5

Photochromic (self-tinting) VarioPlus lenses can react to the surrounding environment and adjust the intensity of their color depending on how much light falls on them. Darkening or lightening takes place within a few tens of seconds. The color range of the solar filter is 0-2 (clear to dark color) - thanks to this range, the glasses will fully protect you in any light conditions without reducing the level of vision in any way.

                        Brýle Shadow Photochromic                        Brýle Vision LX Photochromic

                               AUTHOR Shadow Photochromic                                AUTHOR Vision LX Photochromic

If you move mainly in the strong sun and eye protection against UV radiation is essential for you, the choice is ideal for lenses of category number 3. They can provide enough protection and transmit only 8-18% of sunlight. However, these lenses have a disadvantage when moving in changing light conditions, for example in a dark forest you will be forced to take the glasses off your eyes even on the sunniest summer day.

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