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Author Marathon Tour

Author Maraton Tour 2022 is celebrating 20th anniversary of a series of cycling races for the general public.

The first year of the tour in 2003 included six races. Subsequently, the series was expanded by two more cyclomarathons.

As in the last few years, the tour consists of 7 main marathons and 5 additional, evenly distributed throughout the Czech Republic. The composition of the races included in the tour is spread over the entire cycling season (April-October).

The domestic Marathon Tour series is exceptional in many ways. The fact that the 20th year starts in 2022 speaks for itself. But the main thing that has been at stake from the very beginning is above all a satisfied racer or spectator. In other words - the whole Author Marathon Tour is here for people who live by mountain or road bikes. It is to offer them not only the diverse difficulty of the tracks, but also their integration into a truly beautiful landscape.

A total of 9 main races intended for the general public are then complemented, for example, by an undeniable interest in the form of the children's Author Šela marathon with over five hundred participants, by far the largest in our country.

In addition, two of the main races are included in the prestigious international Marathon Man Europe series. In addition, this year's Malevil Cup is the European Marathon Championship.

Although many riders are logically primarily concerned with the performance itself, the organizers have been working hard for many years to ensure that the locations in which the individual races take place bring much more experience than just physical strain and a specific type of terrain.

In 2019, a total of 14,850 adult participants and more than 1,000 children took part in all races.

Unfortunately, in 2020 and 2021, government anti-Covid-19 measures did not allow the AMT series to take place in full, and some races were canceled at the last minute.

Let's hope that the 20th year of the Author Marathon Tour will succeed and will will have a standard mode.

Main races 07.05.2022 Týn nad Bečvou wwwAUTHOR ŠELA MARATHON
28.05.2022 Železná Ruda wwwAUTHOR KRÁL ŠUMAVY MTB
18.06.2022 Jablonné v Podještědí wwwMALEVIL CUP BY AUTHOR
25.06.2022 Šatov wwwAUTHOR ZNOVÍN CUP
27.08.2022 Dobšice u Znojma wwwLAHOFER AUTHOR CUP
17.09.2022 Praha 6 wwwAUTHOR PRAŽSKÁ 50
08.10.2022 Bedřichov wwwČT AUTHOR CUP
Additional races 07.05.2022 Týn nad Bečvou wwwDĚTSKÝ AUTHOR ŠELA MARATHON
14.05.2022 Plzeň wwwAIMTEC OPEN RACE
18.06.2022 Jablonné v Podještědí wwwDĚTSKÝ MALEVIL CUP BY AUTHOR
22.10.2022 Železná Ruda wwwPANCÍŘSKÉ STRÁNĚ MTB





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