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Author marathon TOUR

We all firmly hope that 2021 will be better than last year and that the Author Marathon Tour (AMT) will hold its 19th year in a quieter style or actually in just the way we all like and know it from the past.
For the year 2021, we have currently prepared 8 main races and 5 additional races. 

The races of our AMT are intended for the general public and for those who love bicycles.
For many years, the organizers have been trying to ensure that the places where the individual races take place provide more experiences than just the physical performance of the competitors.
All races also have children's races during the day, which are diverse and where the kids show their strength and skill. Children's Author Šela Marathon and Children's Malevil cup by Author have reserved 1 race day only for kids.

We are very happy that the number of those who are willing to go for the race throughout the whole country of Czech Republic still remains the same even at this difficult time of last year.

So, again, let's keep our fingers crossed that the 19th year of the Author Marathon Tour will be the same as we all know it from the past.

Main races 28.08.2021 Klatovy wwwAUTHOR KRÁL ŠUMAVY MTB
28.08.2021 Vranovská přehrada wwwLAHOFER AUTHOR CUP
04.09.2021 Týn nad Bečvou wwwAUTHOR ŠELA MARATHON
11.09.2021 Jablonné v Podještědí wwwMALEVIL CUP BY AUTHOR
18.09.2021 Praha 6 wwwAUTHOR PRAŽSKÁ 50
09.10.2021 Bedřichov wwwČT AUTHOR CUP
16.10.2021 Šatov wwwAUTHOR ZNOVÍN CUP
Additional races 21.08.2021 Jablonné v Podještědí wwwDĚTSKÝ MALEVIL CUP BY AUTHOR
04.09.2021 Týn nad Bečvou wwwDĚTSKÝ AUTHOR ŠELA MARATHON
04.09.2021 Plzeň wwwAIMTEC OPEN RACE
23.10.2021 Železná Ruda wwwPANCÍŘSKÉ STRÁNĚ MTB





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