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Author + AGang

Bikes marked as Author Gang appeared for the first time in our offer in 2002. With the gradual expansion of individual model ranges we’ve believed, it would be good to create a separate bike collection. Therefore we introduced a concept AGang as solitary cycling brand in 2010. The first collection consisted of 23 former and new models.

Over past 5 years many things with AGang were successful. The most important success was building a strong product development centre led by Jaromír Spěšný. His rider’s experiences, technical knowledge and hard work have always been an engine of the entire AGang. Second great advantage was cooperation with Jan Mocňák, court AGang bikes designer, creator of all promotional and informative materials related to AGang. Disadvantage of the whole AGang collection was its excessive extent.

Solution to this conflict we found in conjunction of all positive factors from both AGANG and Author. Especially particular concepts like full suspension bikes Cult, Ninja, and now mainly Patriot. In 2014 Author for the first time takes over Patriot’s platform for custom model Epoque. This all originated in the development and testing “workshop” called AGang Laboratory. In short AG lab. Big thanks for the effective and successful running of AG lab belongs to the cooperation with Technical University in Liberec. We therefore decided in 2015 to fully concentrate on promoting AG lab and implement successful projects under wings of the parent brand – Author, where AGang came out.

We are pleased to say that common work with the original creative AGang team does not end, and vice versa gets a brand new dynamic and intensity. The combination of the best from both brands will lead to even stronger product and personal background for Author.

Apart from full suspension models, BMX and Freestyle MTB, we used reliable, positively evaluated frame technologies and geometry on the bikes Gangsta, Nikita, Capo and Angel. Result is an improved frame set – all introductory Author models 24", 26", 27.5", 29" and ASL.
Patriot, Ninja, Exe, Pimp and a new Su-Mo, which are using AG lab technologies, will be marked as “AG lab”, now under the Author brand.
Good news is a reduction of many types of bikes that Universe Agency offers. 92 Author models in 2014 decreased to 79 and from 33 AGangs remained 13. Total amount of 125 models is reduced to 92. We are confident, that our offer will be more marketable and easily presentable to a final customer.

At the same time we create more space for better communication and presentation of Author as a whole. Information materials for dealers, advertising and promotional outcomes for the public and the creation of new websites will be next steps for better brand visibility of Author.

One world, one brand, one development. Author.