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AUTHOR 1993-2023

With the passage of time, a person understands that if he wants to build anything meaningful, he has to invest a considerable amount of energy, time and money. 30 years is a long enough time to realize whether energy and time in particular have been directed in the right direction and if they are still worthy of it.
We are a sports brand. Sport and life have in common that it is always a combination of the result and the way to achieve it.
We do not only have the ambition to achieve set goals, but above all to do our work honestly.
Over the course of three decades, people at Author have been enabled to combine work and play, learning and discovery, and most importantly, meaningful fulfillment of our lives.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have stood by us throughout and continue to stand by us.

Martin a Ondřej Havlenovi

Bratři Havlenové

30 let Author


It has been 30 years since the "birth" of the Author brand, one of the most outstanding Czech sports brands on the international market. During this time, Author brand products passed through almost every family in our country and became an integral part of everyday life even beyond the borders. And that is our greatest reward and at the same time motivation for the future.

We are with you, be with us.

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