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Jiř Bouška got a bronze in the World Cup in Maniago

Jirka won the third place in a challenging time trial in this year's first race of the World Cup in Maniago. On almost thirty km´s track managed to overtake him only Joseph Metelka and Thomas Schafer.

Jiří after the race:

"Today referee decided to miserable my life, during the first inspection they let me to move my saddle and when adjusting the quick release broke. I had to temporarily fix the seat to be able to start the race.

When re-measuring commissioner told me, that previous setting was ok and now I have the saddle about a centimetre farther than I had to. My saddle of course in the middle of time trial became loosen and I was happy that it resisted until the end. Feeling good about my performance, I left everything on the track, and third place is great. "

Big thanks and congrats to all team and Jiří to this amazing result!

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