AUTHOR Chain Lube EXTREME 125 ml

AUTHOR Chain Lube EXTREME 125 ml

CHAIN LUBE EXTREME is typically recommended for extreme wet & mud conditions. Formulated with water repelling and advanced anti-wear additives.
  • CHAIN LUBE EXTREME is Cycle Clinic's strongest, longest lasting and most resistant lubricant. Provide maximum drivetrain smoothness, extremely quiet rides, and ultimate rust protection. Use it when you ride hard and long.
  • A heavier wet-style lubricant requires a little more job of drivetrain cleanliness, but delivers the maximum in lubricity and protection.
  • After application is getting to dry friction fighting film, attracts less grime, runs cleaner, and withstands higher extreme pressures, increasing the time between lube applications.
  • Make application in uniform layer and suitable volume.
AUTHOR Chain Lube EXTREME 125 ml


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