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What is AG LaB?

AG Lab is a connection and cooperation between Czech engineers Ing. Zdenek Urban, Ing. Jiri Marjan, PhD.; Technical University in Liberec and test riders. In last 6 years this cooperation became really maximally effective.

We were able to bring up more than 90% of functional ideas to the assembly-line production. Specific results are structural frame solution and original suspension system Drive Link Pivot (DLP®), which has achieved a great popularity among both general cycling public and expert media. 

The basic AG lab idea is still motto: “Power in simplicity”, which brings a high level of frame elements unification across frame platforms. In other words the issue is to simplify the production and reduce a number of frame spare parts (e.g. bearings, rear derailleur hangers etc.)


This is a system based on the four-pivot mechanism principle. One of the major and unique ideas that were applied in the complete DLP® suspension system was placing a DLP® link (pivot – pos. L) above and in front of the rear wheel axle (rear wheel axle – pos. D). The link together with the position of the main pivot (main pivot of the rear triangle – pos. P) and the linkage geometry create a virtual pivot point path through out the travel. This path is one of the basic parameters to achieve the required suspension properties (kinematics) of the rear triangle.

The DLP® system with the optimum position and shape of the linkage contributes to the overall suspension characteristics depending on the purpose of the individual model series (so-called Leverage Ratio / rear wheel suspension characteristics).

Drive Link Pivot


Drive Link Pivot