AUTHOR Air tank inflator JetAir tubeless X10

AUTHOR Air tank inflator JetAir tubeless X10160 psi  |  Clever Valve Head  |  1764 g

The AUTHOR JetAir X10 is designed to use regular floor pump for tubeless tires. JetAir allows a rider to accumulate a lot of air in the tank and release to the tire at one time. Just recharge through a standard Presta valve head of the floor pump. In mode “For Tank” Pump the tank up to 160 psi (11 bar ) , then quickly release the air to the tubeless tire – mode “For Tire”. Simply attach the tubeless tire on the rim!
  • Clever Dual Valve head is great for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop.
  • High capacity aluminum storage tubel - set the tubeless tire quickly and efficiently.
  • A Presta valve core tool is attached ( on the bottom side ).
  • The floor pump must have the gage and back pressure valve.
  • SAFE: Strong tank with high quality hose and connectors. If you remove the pump from the tank inlet, the tank pressure will be released immediately for your safety.
  • AIR RELEASE BUTTON: Before you disconnect the pump, please release the air pressure in the tank by pressing the button at the bottom of the tank. The button could be used to release over pressure if needed.
  • Weight: 1764g .
AUTHOR Air tank inflator JetAir tubeless X10


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