AUTHOR Cargo cage ACR-F04-Alu

AUTHOR Cargo cage ACR-F04-AluMax capacity 4 kg  |  for sleeping bag or tent  |  270 g.

The AUTHOR CARGO F04 is the perfect combination of bottle cage and bicycle rack. Designed to carry bulky items, like sleeping bag or tent, on the sides of fork legs to free up value space in your other bags.
  • Easy fixation to fork legs or to frame tube.
  • Easy fixation of carrying items by velcro straps.
  • Allow to carry bulky and lightweight items as the sleeping bag, tent, PET botle (volume 1 l - 2 l ).
  • Max. load capacity 4 kg / one cage.
  • Weight 270 g.
  • Dimensions: l. 250 mm, w. 125 mm.
AUTHOR Cargo cage ACR-F04-Alu


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