AUTHOR Front & Rear Light A-DoubleShot 250/12 lm USB

AUTHOR Front & Rear Light A-DoubleShot 250/12 lm USB

The AUTHOR DoubleShot - a powerful light which combines both front and rear light to give you maximum visibility. 2-in-1 design has a compact, streamlined look and yet packs a punch with up to 250 lumens and including, in one unit, a rear and front light. The lens is fixed in the alloy case and  is optimized to maximize the light output, light beam and the lumen efficiency. It also features side lens cutouts, which provide you with a 180-degree light beam and increases your visibility to other road users. Includes universal bracket which can be attached to any vented helmet or to any round profile of your bicycle. Highly practical feature is the 2 level battery capacity indicator which is integrated  in switcher, this will help you stay aware of your battery life so that you can change modes and charge accordingly so that you don’t lose light while on the go.
Front: White CREE XP-G LED 250 lm / Rear: 2x red LED 12 lm.
  • Front light modes:   Over drive (250 lm / 2h), Commuter (130 lm / 4h), Strobe (5h).
  • Mode & Runtime rear:  steady, slow flashing, quick flashing.
  • Main materials: AL alloy & Plastic.
  • 2 level battery capacity indicator (green > 30%, red < 30%).
  • The mount with silicone strap fits any sized tube with a diameter of 12-45 mm even the un-round profiles. Helmet mount with adjustable angle and with silicon strap, easy fixation on helmet rib.
  • Charging time: 2 - 4 hour depending on USB charger (Recommended discharging / charging period – minimum 1x / 6 months).
  • Battery pack LI-ion polymer / 3,7 V / 800 mAh.
  • Size 65 x 32 x 23 mm  / Weight 47 g.
  • DOUBLE CLICK – REAR LIGHT FUNCTIONS (steady mode RE / slow flashing / quick flashing / switch OFF).
  • CLICK – FRONT LIGHT FUNCTIONS (Over drive 250 lumens / Commuter (130 lumens) / Flash ).
  • 2 SECOND PUSH switch OFF in any light mode.
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AUTHOR Front & Rear Light A-DoubleShot 250/12 lm USB


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