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Pedals on bike - branded accessories from Author and AGang
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AUTHOR Pedal A-sport 35 AUTHOR A-sport35 are designed for sport riders who also commute and tour. This trekking pedal combines adjustable binding mechanism on one side ... AUTHOR Pedal A-sport 35 AUTHOR Pedal A-comp 03 Blk Clipless pedals MTB Author, easy start up even in extreme condition, with both-sides mechanism with adjustable tension, Cr-Mo hub is in body (forging ... AUTHOR Pedal A-comp 03 Blk AUTHOR Pedal A-sport 25 One side clip-less pedals with adjustable tension. Cr-Mo axle, AL6061 body, sealed bearing, minimum maintenance requirements. Weight 350g. AUTHOR Pedal A-sport 25 AUTHOR Pedal APD-427-Alu Pedal body Al 6061 body (AL 6061), Cr-Mo axle with sealed ball bearing and sliding bush. Weight 260g. AUTHOR Pedal APD-427-Alu AUTHOR Pedal WLG FP10 (Simplex) Two way folding pedal for Author Simplex bike, black plastic cage / silver alloy body. AUTHOR Pedal WLG FP10 (Simplex) AUTHOR Pedal APD-F11-Alu Pedals for BMX and freestyle MTB, Cr-Mo axle, lite AL6061 body. Replaceable Cr-Mo pins. Size 112 x 100 x 31 mm, weight 475 g. AUTHOR Pedal APD-F11-Alu AUTHOR Cleat A-sport/A-comp 03 Cleat for A-sport/A-comp 03 AUTHOR Cleat A-sport/A-comp 03 AUTHOR Pedal APD-113 Simplex AUTHOR Pedal APD-113 Simplex AUTHOR Pedal APD-315-Alu Material AL6061-T6. Cr-Mo axle, 2pcs of loose balls.  Weight 288g. AUTHOR Pedal APD-315-Alu AUTHOR Pedal APD-F13-NYLON These great quality light pedals made from NYLON plastic. A 19mm low profile, high quality ball bearings and a grippy platform is all you will ... AUTHOR Pedal APD-F13-NYLON AUTHOR AUTHOR AUTHOR Pedal APD-790-Nsl Al6061 body with Non Slip rubber pads. Dimensions w. 95mm, l. 85mm, h. 28mm. Weight 390g. AUTHOR Pedal APD-790-Nsl
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