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AUTHOR Gloves Men Comfort Gel X6 s/f

AUTHOR Gloves Men Comfort Gel X6 s/f

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AUTHOR Gloves Men Comfort Gel X6 s/f
AUTHOR Men ComfortGEL gloves provides the maximum levels of comfort and protection. The glove utilises Anatomic Volar (palm) Map to place protective GEL inserts in high stress areas.
  • Elastic mesh for great ventilation, reinforced synthetic palm leather Amara is supple and durable.
  • GEL pads are located on the palm according to Anatomic Volar Map, in order to relieve pressure and protect the sensitive areas, also reduce numbness at the hand.
  • Soft, absorbent Superdry on the thumb for easy brushing away sweat.
  • Micro-Injection Velcro closure blends comfort with an unrestricted wrist movement.
  • Easy slip on with silicon grip.
  • EasyLoops  helps to pull off the gloves.

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